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My latest op-ed Binart’s Philosophy is Hardly Zionism


Beinart’s Philosophy is Hardly Zionism


American writer and editor Peter Beinart. Photo: wiki commons.

Zion Square is probably the most popular downtown Jerusalem thoroughfare for Israelis and tourists alike, connecting the Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall to Jaffa Street. On Independence Day the square is packed with thousands of revelers celebrating the establishment of the State, and the return to Zion after thousands of years of Jewish exile.

It is thus ironic that “Zion Square” is also the name chosen by extreme left-wing writer Professor Peter Beinart for the title of his blog featured on the Daily Beast website. That irony is derived from the fact that Beinart’s blog, along with his upcoming book titled, “The Crisis of Zionism,” or a recent incendiary New York Times op-ed called “To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements,” prove that his philosophies should in no way shape or form be perceived as a legitimate form of Zionism or a celebration of the existence of a modern day Jewish State.

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