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Here is my latest op-ed from the Algemeiner news website:

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Israel, Shmisrael: Is This Where We’re Headed?

“We have to stop the hysteria we are all rousing. Instead, we must say: ‘We will get through this, we won’t leave here.’ What happened? Kassams, shmassams!” – Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres, addressing Knesset reporters in June, 2006 in regards to a surge in rocket attacks on Sderot in Southern Israel.

“Well, all I can say on this all is ‘ulpana, shmulpana’ – the whole thing is a racket, a scam.” – Jerusalem Post columnist Hirsh Goodman wrote in the Friday June 8th edition of the paper, on why Israel should destroy the five contested Ulpana buildings in Beit-El without national fanfare or protest.

Goodman, using an unoriginal form of rhyming word poetry – borrowed of course from now President Shimon Peres and – based on the skewed logic of the Oslo “peace” camp supporters – expressed his outrage at Israel for turning the matter of the five contested Ulpana neighborhood buildings in Beit-El into a front-page issue.

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  1. Hana Apr 21, 2013

    Can you imagine the response of NYPD, or Dallas or Arkansas or MIssissippi police officers to such a situation, to a mob hurling rocks at patrol officers? Think about it for a second, folks. How do you think Boston police officers, or those in Baltimore or Seattle or Maine, would respond? How long do you think ANY group in the USA would get away with this?????????????? Could JEWS get away with this ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD???????????????????


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